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Friday, March 31, 2017

The Plaza In Evergreen Park Update: 3/2017

     With much anticipation, things are shaping up with the redevelopment progress of the old Plaza Mall in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Since the last time I was here, the old Carson Pirie Scott store was still whole, as the new store recently celebrated a grand opening. Now most of the Old Carson's is demolished and more new store fronts have popped up. I imagine that the large old bank building will remain, but I am unsure, I guess I will see in a future update. I am also curious to know what all these new tenants will be considering the major redevelopment across 95th Street and Western Avenue with a Meijer and Menards build a few years ago, and a few national retailers such as Micheal's Crafts and Ross.

     I believe Evergreen Park is shaping up for the better with all these new stores giving the people that live here and surrounding southside suburbs places to shop and jobs. The Plaza, as many malls, started out strong, but suffered a steady decline for several years before finally closing and being abandoned. In the case for The Plaza, the land will be used for a new line of stores, a rebirth of a major shopping destination for years to come.

Here is my original post of The Plaza featuring many photos from trips to the mall in March and July 2013.

Here is my post of the demolition proceeding in November 2015.

Here is my post of the redevelopment progress in September 2016.

I cannot wait to see what all of these stores are going to be, considering so many chains have closed, it might be hard to fill all these in.

Carson's is looking good.

A sliver of the former Carson's still stands next the old bank I am unsure if it will be torn down or not.

The old entrance where Circuit City was once on the left of the driveway.

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